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Whale Watching

This 2.5 to 3hr tour takes you out on the open Pacific Ocean in search of the West Coast's most majestic animals, the whales.

Most common in this area are the summer resident gray whales. They leave their winter breeding grounds of Mexico early in the year to begin their long migration on their way to Alaska. During March and April we see these migrating whales travelling by our coast. While most of the gray whales travel all the way up to Alaska to their feeding grounds, some of them will stay along the shallow coastline of Vancouver Island where we can watch them from May to October as they dive to the ocean floor in the search of food. 

Killerwhales, also known as Orcas show up unexpected, along the coast, in the inlets or far out on the sea. They usually travel in groups but are also sighted on their own. The transient killer whales can be found in the spring, summer and fall but they don't belong to our regular sightings as we only get to see them a few times a month.

Bigger than the grays and orcas are the humpback whales, also found in the waters of the Clayoquot Sound during the summer. The power of a breaching humpback will take your breath away. As well as the sight of them lunge feeding and the perfectly shaped tale. Because they like to be further out in the ocean we don't get to see them on all of our trips. 

The main goal on this trip is to watch the whales but we will also see plenty of other wildlife a long the way, California sea lions, stellar sea lions, harbor seals, sea otters, bald eagles and other birds are a common sight on this trip.

Come and join us on this adventurous and exciting boat tour.


2.5-3 hours



Flotation suits


30 minutes before departure. 

What to bring: 

Be dressed in warm clothes (long pants, long sleeve shirt, warm sweater or jacket, long pants, closed shoes (no flip-flops or sandals), Sunglasses & Sunscreen, your Camera! 

We currently don't offer hats, gloves and goggles so please bring your own if you would like to wear them.


Children must be at least 8 years old. 

The maximum weight and body measurements to fit our largest flotation suit:

Weight: 125kg-160kg, Chest: 137cm-147cm, Waist:122cm-127cm

! Because this tour goes out onto the open ocean it is not suitable for people with serious medical conditions including but not limited to, back or neck injuries, recent surgery, and/or current or suspected pregnancy.


Adults (19+): $149

Seniors (65+):$139

Youth (13-18):$139
Children (8-12): $129

  • Prices shown above do not include taxes & fees

  • This tour is operated with our open Zodiac

  • Check-in time is 30 minutes prior to departure

  • Our Cancellation Policy is 48 hours. For a cancellation before 48 hours prior to the tours departure there will be a cancellation fee of 3% but the rest of the money will be refunded. For a cancellation later than 48 hours prior to the tours departure there won't be any refund.

Multi-tour discounts available!

We give a $10 discount per person for a second tour and a $20 discount per person for a third tour. Please contact us for a multi-tour discount code before you book your tours online.

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