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We are a small family owned company which offers personalized tours in smaller groups of maximal 12 passengers for an unforgettable wildlife experience! With our two open Zodiacs you will experience our whale watching, bear watching and hot springs tours with an open panoramic view which is great to watch the animals, take good pictures and take in the stunning sights of the area surrounding Tofino. 


One of our experienced guides will take you out on the water to show you the wonderful nature and wildlife out there. They will be happy to share their knowledge with you. With their passion and respect for the wildlife and nature they will show you the beauty which the waters around Tofino have to offer. 

All our tours are operated with our open Zodiacs and passengers are equipped with full body Mustang Survival Suits for their safety and comfort. For windy or/and rainy days we also provide additional rain jackets as well as gloves and toques for colder days. 


Come with us and enjoy a scenic boat ride on the calm waters of the beautiful Clayoquot Sound Inlets to watch the black bears moving rocks to feed on crabs and other shellfish.


Join us on an adventurous boat-ride out on the Pacific Ocean in search for the whales. You may also get to see other wildlife along the way such as sea lions, seals, sea otters and bald eagles.


Relax in the hot pools of the remote Hot Springs Cove and walk through the majestic rainforest with its big trees and ancient plants. During the 1.5 hour boat ride you get the chance of watching wildlife and enjoy a beautiful scenery.


Please find more information about our whale watch, bear watch and hot springs tours on the following pages and we look forward to welcome you on board soon!

Meet The Guides

Captain & Owner Jens Kalwa

Growing up on the East Coast of Vancouver Island and on the water since he was 13 years old, Jens knows the ocean like the back of his hand. "learning from my father how to drive boats, catch fish and behave around ocean wildlife, was the start to my big interest in everything that involved the ocean. It became my passion to be in or on the water wether it was surfing and getting to know the changes of ocean swells and tides or being on the boat to observe marine wildlife". He made his passion to his Career in the year of 2007 when he moved to Tofino and started Adventure Tofino Wildlife Tours. With so many larger tour operators already established in Tofino, my goal was to provide a different wildlife experience for my guests, tours in smaller groups and with a more personal touch. "Right from the start I received great support. Friends which already worked in Tofino as tour guides would share their knowledge with me and people who liked what I was offering would sent their guests my way. This was a very positive start and I am very thankful for that".

Now with two boats in operation and with the support of a small team of great people, I am excited that together we can let people from all over the world be part of this adventure."


Captain Jeffrey Warden

Jeff joined our team in 2018 after guiding tours in Tofino's waters since 2016. Jeff is a real adventurer with a great personality and a huge love for the ocean and wildlife.


When you are on a tour with Jeff and you listen to how he talks about the animals, with passion and in his deep and calm voice, you just don't want to stop listening!

 His love for the ocean makes him want to be on, in and above it. He loves scuba diving,  flying airplanes and skydiving. 

When Jeff is not on the water he is in 10000ft hight skydiving over Long beach and spotting whales from up there as a Tandem Instructor from Point Break Skydiving in Tofino.


Captain Jordan Koroll

Jordan was born and raised in a beautiful small lakeside town in Central Ontario, Canada. From an early age, watersports were an avid passion of his and through his travels wildlife became a great focus in his life. He paired the two by studying an Honors Bachelor of Health Sciences with a specialization in mammalian anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. 

His inquisitive nature and deep passion for both the cultural and natural history of many areas of the world have allowed him to guide in some incredible places. Bouncing from Canada’s Sub-Arctic with the King of the North’s beautiful polar bears, to the ends of the earth guiding kayak expeditions around the Antarctic continent. Jordan always looks forward to heading back to BC’s beautiful West Coast for the summer seasons. The Pacific Northwest wildlife draws him back time and time again, but when he is not skippering on the water you can find him running along the local trails, enjoying a nice early morning paddle, or sipping a delicious cup of coffee in town. 

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Our two boats "Azonic" and "Guardian 2" which we use for all of our tours are open 26 ft Zodiacs which take up to 12 passengers. 

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